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Jun 22, 2023 (Newsletter Issue 6/23)
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Changes to Contact Details

EUIPO has made some changes in how and when you can contact the Office.

The changes are aimed at broadening the service offered by the Information Centre in line with a new approach to tailor our services to different customer groups.

Please take note of the following updates:

By phone:
Please call +34 965 139 100

As of 12 June 2023, the phone number +34 965 139 400 (e-business support) is no longer in use

By e-mail:
Please mail to

As of 12 June 2023, the new email address replaces two previous email addresses: information@euipo.europa,eu,

After hours (for emergency situations only*):
Please call +34 965 137 605

*For example, if you are facing a deadline and experiencing technical issues that require assistance.

As of 19 June 2023, the service will be available from 18.30 until 23.59, from Monday to Friday (excluding EUIPO official holidays). Assistance will be provided in English or Spanish.