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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Mai 06, 2024 (Newsletter Issue 3/24)
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Accelerated Trademark Registration Procedure Introduced

Updated rules for the examination of applications for objects of intellectual property have entered into force in Kazakhstan.

The new rules allow applicants to request an expedited examination of trademark applications, which will reduce the examination duration from seven to three months. A request for an accelerated examination of an application is submitted by the applicant at the time of application submission. Along with the petition, a document is submitted confirming the relevant payment.

The amount of the state fee for submitting an application and conducting an accelerated examination, when claiming up to three classes, is 770,000 tenge (approximately 1,735 USD) and 215,000 tenge for each additional class. For comparison, the cost of submitting an application and carrying out an examination according to the standard procedure is 91 thousand tenge (if up to three classes are claimed).

It is worth noting that even after an accelerated examination, if an application with a convention, exhibition, and (or) other priority is detected, such a trademark may be canceled. At the same time, the amount paid by the applicant is not returned.