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Multinational Agreements
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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Mai 01, 2024 (Newsletter Issue 3/24)
New Zealand
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Changes to the Geographical Indications Registration Act

The European Union Free Trade Agreement Legislation Amendment Act 2024 (“the Act”) has entered into force as of 1 May 2024. This makes corresponding changes to the Geographical Indications Registration Act 2006 and the Trade Marks Act 2002. As a result, restrictions apply to the use of certain geographical indications terms on products.

The Act implements a number of provisions in the New Zealand - European Union Free Trade Agreement. These include:

- Protection for 1,975 Geographical Indications (“GIs”) from the European Union, which are used on a wide range of products, mostly foods and beverages.
- A gradual phase-out of current uses of some terms in New Zealand, such as ‘Feta’, ‘Port’ and ‘Sherry’, in instances where those goods do not meet the requirements of the GI.
- The introduction of new enforcement measures for GIs.

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