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Jun 03, 2024 (Newsletter Issue 5/24)
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E-Filing Implemented

The OAPI Registry has confirmed the implementation of its e-filing system on 3 June 2024.

The e-filing system is implemented in respect of trade mark matters, including registrability searches, the filing of applications for registration, renewals, recordals, and oppositions. Company name registrations and objections will also be managed via the e-filing system, moving forward.

Patent matters dol not form part of the initial implementation phase.

Although agents can now file applications electronically via the e-filing system, hard copies of documents, including printouts of digital supporting documents, still need to be submitted manually to the Registry to complete filing formalities.

The implementation of the e-filing system is expected to enhance the efficiency of the OAPI Registry insofar as their handling and processing of trade mark and company name registration matters are concerned.