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Mai 02, 2012 (Newsletter Issue 7/12)
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Pharmaceutical Labeling Requirements

The Pharmacists Ordinance has recently been amended and requires as from August 1, 2012, that labels of both prescription pharmaceuticals and any over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals will have to include several important details, including the brand name of a preparation in four languages, Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian.

At present, only non-prescription pharmaceuticals which are permitted for general sale (i.e., which are not sold in a pharmacy or by a pharmacist) are required by applicable administrative regulations to be labeled with the pharmaceutical's brand name in four languages - Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian. Other pharmaceuticals - namely, any pharmaceuticals dispensed in a pharmacy or by a pharmacist (either with or without a prescription) - have so far been required to be labeled with the brand name in Hebrew and in English.

A revised Practice Guideline of the Ministry of Health, which would set forth the specific guidelines for labeling pharmaceuticals in this regard, is soon expected.

In light of the new labeling requirements, it is recommended to apply for Israel trademarks for the pharmaceutical brand-name in each of the four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian.

Source: Reinhold Cohn Group, Israel
and IP Factor, Israel