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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Mrz 12, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 3/13)
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New Trademark Filing System

The Ministry of Economics and Trade, the General Directorate of Economic and Trades, and the Intellectual Property Protection department - Trademarks Division, in attempt to develop the trademarks registration procedure, has adopted a new online filing system as of February 2013.

Accordingly, no more hard copies are required to be submitted in order to obtain a filing date and a filing number; however, the new system has added new requirements, which are identified below:

- Applicant details must be entered in Arabic characters and English characters;
- Applications should include Arabic transliteration of the trademark;
- Trademark name and design must be supplied as PDF file even if it is a word mark, and
- Full name and capacity of the signatory on the power of attorney (PoA) must be clearly indicated on the application.

The new system, which is available twenty four hours through the whole week allows for the Lebanese citizens, companies and local agents to file their trademark applications and check their status online, while the original documents should be filed at a later stage.

Source: NJQ & Associates and JAH & Co. IP, Doha, Qatar