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Jun 04, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 8/13)
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Class Headings Breakthrough Announced

OHIM announced a major breakthrough in the Convergence Programme initiative on the Nice Class Headings Individual Terms.

This effort came about through the interest of national offices, BOIP and OHIM taking a harmonised approach in addressing the Court of Justice ruling in Case C-307/10 “IP Translator” that deemed certain general indications insufficiently clear and imprecise for classification, but did not specify which were classifiable and which were not.

In under a year, an agreement was reached which will result in the creation and publication of a Common Communication on the web sites of all participating offices envisaged by the end of this year. This communication will clearly outline the initiative results and its influence on EU IP practices, as well as when and by whom this common practice will be implemented. This implementation by the EU IP Offices will happen on a voluntary basis.

Please find an overview on how each Trademark Office of the European Union deals currently with trademarks filed before and after the "IP Translator" Judgement as well as more information on how each Office refects and interprets the matter here