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Jul 01, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 10/13)
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Denunciation of Madrid Agreement

The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic has cancelled its association with Madrid Agreement for the international registration of marks. The denunciation became effective on 29 June 2013. Syria continues to be a party to the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks (“the Madrid Protocol”) and therefore remains a member of the Madrid Union.

As a result, as from 29 June 2013, the Syrian Arab Republic may no longer be designated under the Madrid Agreement and countries party only to this treaty may no longer be designated under the Madrid Agreement where the Office of the Syrian Arab Republic is either the Office of origin or that of the Contracting Party of the holder. The form corresponding to applications for international registrations governed exclusively by the Madrid Agreement (Form MM1) will be updated accordingly.

International marks registered up to 29 June 2013, containing a designation of the Syrian Arab Republic, which is a designation governed by the Madrid Agreement, and not refused within the period of one year provided for in Article 5 of the Madrid Agreement, will continue, throughout the period of international protection, to enjoy the same protection in the Syrian Arab Republic as if they had been deposited there directly.

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