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Schmidt - Kornfeld - Wukoschitz Rechtsanwälte

Dr. Rainer Kornfeld
Dr. Rainer Kornfeld
Maria Hilfer Strasse 1d
A - 1060 Vienna
Austria (AT)
Tel +431 586 1521
Fax +431 587 4206


WE DO offer PERSONAL SERVICE of in-depth domestic expertise, fully independent from any influence (or entity whatsoever), recognized by clients and correspondents around the world.

THE LAW we certainly do regard a PROFESSION rather than a 'Business' - yielding the latter quite happily to larger conglomerates.

SO WE have built up an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK of affiliated offices of equal standing in the major countries and cities of this world, carefully selected to provide highly qualified legal care for our clients, well to match firms larger by far.

Local Expertise:

Austria (AT)