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Moscow Patent Service

13, Bolshaya Dekabrskaya Str., Suite 7
123022 Moscow
Russian Federation (RU)
Tel +7 495 781 66 03
Fax +7 495 739 65 25

MOSCOW PATENT SERVICE is one of the largest IP law firms in the CIS countries.

We offer our clients a full range of services for obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights in Eurasia, Russia and Belarus, starting with consultation, preparation of documents for filing an application for registration, successful receipt of protection certificates, as well as maintaining them in force, and up to the protection of IP owners’ interests in court.

Due to professionalism, reliability, high standards and quality of our work, we have become a reliable partner for both Russian and foreign companies. The Moscow Patent Service is constantly working to improve the quality standards and qualifications of its employees. We actively participate in conferences and seminars on various issues of intellectual property.

Local Expertise:

Russian Federation (RU)